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Wednesday, 9 May 2012

New website & Instagram

Check out my new website ! It has every links to my other websites that I own !

click here to see  AnnaBellStyle

You are now able to see my photos that I update on Instagram as well. I share my Instagram photos on Twitter too so it is not really necessary BUT I don't share every photo so it is a great way to see all the photos that I have on my Instagram page !

I update my Instagram frequently - almost everyday so check it out if you are interested 

If you got an iPhone & have instagram then search my name up to check my photos.
Its "annabellstyle". Of course, my photos are mainly on FASHION/MAKEUP 

So that was my wee announcement for y'all. Have a great day 


Saturday, 5 May 2012

New Boots from Overland

Isabella Anselmi

Hello beauties ! On friday lunch time, I finally caught up with my auntie Rose after shes back from London.
Since my 18th birthday was couple of weeks ago she asked me to go for shoe shopping with her ! We went to Overland just because their leather boots lasts ages so she kindly offered me to pick a pair of boots as my late birth day gift ahhhh :D

After a little while looking at every shoe on the shelves deciding what I want I saw these and I had to try them on ! They feel very comfy, fits so well and I love them as they give a little bit of edgyness to the whole outfit look - which is so me cuz I love edgy style fashion.

I had such a great time chit chatting with her afterwards even though we only spent short period of time together because she had to go back to her work.. WE are definitely having girls day out again ;)


Tuesday, 1 May 2012

My first ever purchase from TOPSHOP

Hey everyone, today's post is about my new jacket that's just arrived from TOPSHOP.COM

I am quite surprised that my order has arrived really fast than I ever did with orders that I have made from other websites!

It has dispatched on 25/04 and arrived TODAY - 01/05


In the photos, you can not really tell but I'd say this jacket is sort of on cropped jacket side. The sleeves are perfect length but the jacket it self is a bit shorter than the regular denim/jean jacket so I'd recommend getting one size larger than your normal size if you want the jacket to feel a bit loose and roomy around your body. How ever, I am not a fan of loose jackets(well for now, I always change my mind) so I am happy with my purchase. And of course, the pink shade is so cute !


Monday, 9 April 2012

ATTENTION: YouTube VIDEOS + Mini Haul !

So my recent video about my makeup collection was BLOCKED IN THE U.S. !


I was wondering why my views are going up slow than my other usual videos. And one of my subbies told me that my video wasn't working in her country ! ME: OHH THAT IS WHHHYYY.

So I had to re-upload it all over again and just a half way through of uploading..... I accidentally closed down the page.. *stupid me*

So had to do the same process over again.

But everything is all-good now and I have uploaded my 2nd video >> Get Ready with AnnaBellStyle 
So that was my important note to you all for those of you who have tried to watch my vid and didn't work. So-yeah, enough talking about the stupid mistake that I've made:/ Ahaha.

On, Saturday I went to the mall and got this cute as ring :O I saw this a while back but they never had my size - SMALL and wasn't expecting to ever meet this ring in my size ! like.. never evuh ! But I was looking at all these jewelleries  in diva yesterday and what a surprise, the ring that never thought had my size is in stock and I see it right in front of me ♥ Oh, Iloveyou honey. You are coming home with me.

The ring totally goes with my crazy nails that I did for Easter ♥ ♥ 

I also bought this thing. It is called colour bug. You can get easy funky coloured hair with this cute lil thing. It washes off easily by shampoo so its great for one of those days that you just want to do 'something' to your hair but don't want that 'something' every single day. 

Note: This one is in Pink & it also comes in 2 other colours and they are neon orange & purple 

So onto my lunch that I had on Saturday evening. This cafe is in outside of the mall and it was my first time going in and ohmygod. Their furnitures, decorations, everything was so cute & I just HAD to take a picture of it !
I had spicy chicken wings + fries and the spicy chicken wings were so damn good. Urgh I wanna go there again. I feel like I'm about to drool just by thinking about those chicken wings...... #INLOVE

Hopefully you guys enjoyed my mini haul and a little story about bits and pieces about my life ;)


Friday, 6 April 2012

My makeup collection video is on LIVE ♥

My subscribers asked me to do a video on my make up collection and its now on LIVE!

& Also another thing,,, I've made my own Tumblr page recently which is just going to be photos that are created by me.. well mostly! I'm gonna be updating pictures on fashion, makeup, nails and many more.. ♥ Similar to Instagram - only available on iphone users but I know not everyone has smart phones! I have been OBSESSED with editing pictures using photo apps & I love the finishing results of photographs that I took! Love using photoshop really!

So, Please check these two out if you got time! I'd really appreciate it 

iloveyou dolls! - AnnaBellStyle

Monday, 26 March 2012

Watch Lizzy getting all Dolled Up ♥

Hello, beauties ♥ I made a new make up video 'Watch Lizzy getting all Dolled Up ♥'.

She came over to my place for a sleep over during the weekend so we decided to make a video together ! Well, actually... we've been planning to do this since weeks ago and the day finally came !:L

I loved working with her since she's naturally gorgeous. Not only that, she was being such a helpful girl for my video ! So I am so thankful to her for being a gorgeous model and also doing what ever I tell her to do... LOL. ILY !

I did everything in this video, photographing, editing.... But I totally love what I do 

Hope you guys enjoyed this post and if you have time, check out my YouTube channel please 

love you.

Stay classy ladies. - xx

Monday, 27 February 2012

Nicki Minaj O.P.I Collection 2012

I'm loving all the colours !!! Urghhh it's so meeee. Especially the green and blue. Its super unique and you can't really find these kind of colours in any where ! ....Well at least where I live:/ I'm so hooked on O.P.I nail polishes at the moment ! I think they are amazing and I'm gonna start collecting more! 


Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Oh hello there Jeffrey Campbell.

My baby Litas finally arrived and the size, looks, everything is just PERRRFECTO !

Super comfortable to wear and I love wearing these with skinnies ! However, they do make me tall instantly and kind of felt weird walking at first but got used to it quite quick and really controlable to move around unlike one of those really high thin heels which I still struggle walking around sometimes when I wear them out to parties because I feel like they will get stuck into a hole or something on the ground and gives me a really bad imagination inside lol. Tripping over in-front of guys.. F THAT.

But these are seriously amazing and I love them to bits !♥ It came with a free bandage too which was cute. Haha.

-Anna ♥ Bell

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

MAC Haul.

Paint Pot - Soft Ochre
Lip Erase - Dim
Eyeshadows - Vanilla & Emburk
Lippies - Rebel & Goes And Goes