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Sunday, 30 October 2011


....of these girls :O !!!!! ♥ ♥ 

They are just perfect. I can't see anything that is wrong with them aaaand Katy.P ! I am just totally in looove their shows 

Anna XOX

Saturday, 29 October 2011

Pink Lips

SO..... My bloody friend has bailed on me today I stayed at home mucking around putting make up on my self as a practice lol.

I am wearing Lime Crime's Countessa Flourecent which is an amazing barbie pink lipstick. It is very vibrant and opaque, I love it and I think I like lime crime lipsticks over M.A.C lipsticks just because I have an obsession with vibrant lippies 

Hope everyone is having a good week-end. Talk to youz soon 

Anna XX

Thursday, 27 October 2011

French Quarter For Your Thoughts by OPI

French Quarter For Your Thoughts

I finally got to wear it after getting it free from work 

It's a cute and very wearable colour and I quite like it. In my opinion, I think it goes pretty well with my skin-tone but someone who is paler will suit gray nail polish a lot more better I think  

I usually wear pinks but this is a great colour to go for when I want to have something that is a settled look yet still nice & unique 

- Anna xox

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

My First M.A.C Brushes..!

Hey loves ♥ 

I'm in a pretty good mood ! My design work is all done and I'm totally free to do anything right now ! In fact, my M.A.C brushes has arrived today so I'm twice as happy as I was at the moment !

I purchased these last week Wednesday I think. These were shipped out from USA so that was pretty fast shipping !

The reason why I purchased these is because M.A.C brushes are so much cheaper in USA.
NZ prices are ridiculous compare to USA I was actually gonna get just #109 which is $85NZD (about $67USA) from the store but realised that I could get more brushes from USA for cheaper prices so in the end, I ended up paying around $110(shipping included) for all three brushes which saved me a lot of money !

I have been wanting #109 brush - small contour brush for a while. I heard that it gives amazing finish for foundation, also great for blush, and contouring. This is the brush I'm excited to try out the most !

#217 brush - blending brush which is a suitable brush for someone who loves smokey eyes like me 

#266 brush - angled brush which I bought for my eye brows. Heard that its an amazing brush for filling your brows with it !

I got these from this ebay seller:93rx7zoomwhich sells authentic M.A.C brushes. I know, theres some retards out there that sells FAKE M.A.C brushes which completely looks different to the real ones. But this seller is a totally trust-worthy, fast shipping, also the brushes were arrived in a pretty good packaging(two thick envelopes as a protection). I highly recommend it for those of you who lives in NZ that can not afford to get M.A.C brushes from the store for real price. I was a bit scared to purchase brushes from ebay since theres so many fakes and all that but this seller sells tons of things and has very good feedbacks from the buyers so I gave it a go & I'm glad that I did :) 

Definitely would like to make a purchase again from this seller sometime later on after seeing how much I'll like these brushes  & would like to collect more if I do !

Hope you guys liked my post today ♥ Talk to you soon. 

- Anna xox

Tuesday, 25 October 2011


...finished my design task for school ! I swear my ass is like flat right now from sitting in front of the computer for hours and hours trying to get this thing done.... !

As I said in my previous post about my design work I had to work on my imaginary Make Up company and these are my final logo, poster, foundation bottle & bag. Nothing too hard out, Ima cheap designer so I don't use any of those hard out photo shop software cs4 or whatever.... Lol. I used Picnik, FotoFlexer and Gimp2(downloaded - but I totally suck at it) for my tasks.

I spent hours and hours on this for last 2days because its due tomorrow. I should of done it during the school holidays but I am such an un-organised person so I left it till the last minute lol.

Over all I'm quite happy with the result. I just kind of gone with style that I like(edgy style). 
Yes, I used pink a lot cuz I'm in love with PINK ! Haha.

Hope you guys liked today's post. Thank you for stopping by - its not about brand, its about style 

- Anna xox

Sunday, 23 October 2011

I went shopping !

Heyy beautieees 
I went shopping yesterday with my bestie Ashleigh and went to pro mac store and bought some mac products 

I bought my first eye shadow palette from mac. I didnt want it to spend all my pay on eye shadows since it was around 30 something bucks each I just only bought the palette and this amaa---zing glitter ! ♥ 

M.A.C 3D GOLD (pro-store only)
OMG J*ZZ ♥ :O I LOVE THIS GLITTER ! I'm gonna start collecting more now.

I also bought a top from wild pair - my fav shop 
I'm in love with this brand - Evil Twin ! I like that they make edgy style clothes 

I saw this top two weeks ago and it was around $70 and I really wanted to get it with the ripped jeans I got that day but my bestie Ashleigh stopped me from getting it cuz this little top isnt worth $70 or whatever... 
I went back to town again on Saturday and wow it was on SALE and the price went down to $50 !! 
I just haaad to get it !!!

I had to also show my fav shoes too - my baby ♥ :L

I also got new eye lashes ♥ These lashes are amazing !
They are super natural yet, still gives great lengthening and I always get compliments from the customers when I'm at work !
I got told from the store lady that these are hand-made :o
Honestly these aren't like those plasticky looking lashes. They look real & super good quality !

It was $19.90. If you take care of them good they last friken ages.

Anyways, hope you guys liked my haul ! ♥ Will do a new post soon.

- Anna 

Thursday, 20 October 2011

My everydaaay make up :D

Hello gorgeous. Sorry I have not been posting blog for a while !
I've been busy because I have lots and lots of design work to do and this is my last week of school holidays so really gotta get this thing done lol.

I've been liking really neutral eye make up these days. I used to really like wearing dark eye make up even during the day but right now I just like my eyes to look pretty simple :)

And also I'm still thinking of dyeing my hair red ! I think I'm gonna do it if my work lets me lol. Since I work at a pharmacy, even though I only work at the beauty area its still a pharmacy so they might not like the way that my hair colour is too funky looking lol. Fingers crossed......!

-Anna xx

Thursday, 6 October 2011


Make Over for fabric class at school.

My friend sent me pictures of make up I've done on her model for fabric class. I only had short period of time to get it done and also the class room had kinda bad lightning so I didnt really do an amazing job... BUT my friend(model) still looks beautiful in the photos :)

Also the photoshoot was meant for the outfit not the make up look so these are the only best ones out of them that shows make up looks pretty alright but I decided to go for blue smokey eyes just like my friend requested.

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

My first look for Summer.

Tried something different this time. Summer is coming to NZ 
I think this is one of my fav looks for summer so far :)

Let me know what you think 

Diva Haul.

Got this really cute hair band for $8 and their necklace from the new collection - Play Boy for $11 

Played with my brother's hair for fun (; haha 
Hope Everyone had a great day !

Make Up Haul & More.

smashbox Anti-Shine Primer 

SHISEIDO White Lucent - Green (free from work)

O.P.I Nail Polish - French Quarter For Your Thoughts (free from work)

REVLON ColorStay Pressed Powder - Light (free from work)

I got the O.P.I nail polish for free from selling a certain amount of  O.P.I nail polish and I picked up this colour since I have never had gray colour before ♥ And I'm loving it !

I have my beautiful friend Liz over and took sneaky pictures of her doing make up :L ♥ 

I love her pink phone and itouch ! So cuute :o 

Monday, 3 October 2011

Sunday, 2 October 2011

Korean Restaurant for Dinner


Just my normal make up look - "Smokey eyes" as usual as I didn't have much time to think of some other unique make up looks .. :L 

Hope everyone is having an amazing weekend so far ! I hung out with my friends and I had a really good time with them (: Really can not wait for next weekend ! :D