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Monday, 26 March 2012

Watch Lizzy getting all Dolled Up ♥

Hello, beauties ♥ I made a new make up video 'Watch Lizzy getting all Dolled Up ♥'.

She came over to my place for a sleep over during the weekend so we decided to make a video together ! Well, actually... we've been planning to do this since weeks ago and the day finally came !:L

I loved working with her since she's naturally gorgeous. Not only that, she was being such a helpful girl for my video ! So I am so thankful to her for being a gorgeous model and also doing what ever I tell her to do... LOL. ILY !

I did everything in this video, photographing, editing.... But I totally love what I do 

Hope you guys enjoyed this post and if you have time, check out my YouTube channel please 

love you.

Stay classy ladies. - xx

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