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Monday, 9 April 2012

ATTENTION: YouTube VIDEOS + Mini Haul !

So my recent video about my makeup collection was BLOCKED IN THE U.S. !


I was wondering why my views are going up slow than my other usual videos. And one of my subbies told me that my video wasn't working in her country ! ME: OHH THAT IS WHHHYYY.

So I had to re-upload it all over again and just a half way through of uploading..... I accidentally closed down the page.. *stupid me*

So had to do the same process over again.

But everything is all-good now and I have uploaded my 2nd video >> Get Ready with AnnaBellStyle 
So that was my important note to you all for those of you who have tried to watch my vid and didn't work. So-yeah, enough talking about the stupid mistake that I've made:/ Ahaha.

On, Saturday I went to the mall and got this cute as ring :O I saw this a while back but they never had my size - SMALL and wasn't expecting to ever meet this ring in my size ! like.. never evuh ! But I was looking at all these jewelleries  in diva yesterday and what a surprise, the ring that never thought had my size is in stock and I see it right in front of me ♥ Oh, Iloveyou honey. You are coming home with me.

The ring totally goes with my crazy nails that I did for Easter ♥ ♥ 

I also bought this thing. It is called colour bug. You can get easy funky coloured hair with this cute lil thing. It washes off easily by shampoo so its great for one of those days that you just want to do 'something' to your hair but don't want that 'something' every single day. 

Note: This one is in Pink & it also comes in 2 other colours and they are neon orange & purple 

So onto my lunch that I had on Saturday evening. This cafe is in outside of the mall and it was my first time going in and ohmygod. Their furnitures, decorations, everything was so cute & I just HAD to take a picture of it !
I had spicy chicken wings + fries and the spicy chicken wings were so damn good. Urgh I wanna go there again. I feel like I'm about to drool just by thinking about those chicken wings...... #INLOVE

Hopefully you guys enjoyed my mini haul and a little story about bits and pieces about my life ;)


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