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Thursday, 8 December 2011

Haul time

Hey lovies, I know I haven't updated blog in like a mouth !! I've finished school so I'm working my ass off everyday to get money for Xmas etc... 

Today, I have a little haul for you guys to see what I got in the past weeks. Nothing massive but since I'm getting extra money to spend on my self I am going to do more shopping so that means I'm gonna be posting blog more !

I got this top from Lippy I thought it will be a great combination with a long maxi-dress type skirt. I actually found this really cool bright orange skirt so thinking of getting that one....

Then I got this funky looking ring from ASOS ! Love it !!!

My grand parents went away to Hokkaido in Japan. Which is a big city that is top of Japan and they bought me couple of really cute key holders cuz that's what I told them I want lol. And they also sent me Japanese lollies which I'm in love with ! They are seriously yum.

Also, I've dyed my hair to mahogany red last month which I missed to take a photo of it from busy working and couldn't get my ass to do it from being too tired/lazy.... It's really faded now... lol. So I made an appointment for the hairdressers next weekend to re-dye it again and will definitely take a photo of it for my blog ! 

I am also thinking of making my first YouTube video soon so hopefully I can do that after I re-dyed my hair :)
If you guys don't know, I have a big obsession with YouTube videos since around 2 years ago and was always wanted to make one ! When I do, I will definitely announce it on here so you guys can check it out ;)

So.... That is all for today ! Hopefully y'all had a great day and I will talk to you guys soon. See ya !

- Anna XO

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