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Monday, 7 November 2011

Things that I got in the past couple of days..

Hey loves, I haven't been updating blog for like little because of school(School is over, I'm on holidays!) so thought I'd make a new post of things that I got while I was away !

I got Dr.Lewinns skin care pack, Lancome cometics, Revlon cosmetic pack free from work for doing well on making a big sale for Revlon from my manager 

I bought a new foundation from smashbox that just came in to our store about 2 months ago. 
This foundation suppose to last really long so I really hope this works on my skin. I've been using Revlon's color stay foundation but I never really liked how it looked on my skin. It didn't really seem like it was matching my skin that well.

Lastly, also bought this nail polish from work. We got a nee nail polishes from O.P.I. Muppets Collection and bought this pack cuz it was better value than paying individually. I picked this cuz I was in love with it and my mum got the other one which came along with this.
This one is called Rainbow Connection. It is so bling bling & I ♥ IT !

I went out shopping with my mum and bought couple things from dotti. I got two shoulder bags, a pink chain necklace and a feather head band  

Oh and lastly, I finally finally finally got a mirror that has caught my eye ! I've been wanting a mirror for so so so long and I saw this at work and I just had to get it ! I know that you can get double sided mirror from Briscoes and those kinda shops but theres only ugly ones and I never wanted to spend 50 bucks on normal looking mirror. I'm so happy that I got this mirror now that I don't have to use my old mirror any more which I hated so much lol.

So anyways, this is all I've got. I really hope you guys liked this post 
And I'll talk to you guys soon bye ;)

- Anna XO

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