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Sunday, 25 December 2011

A gift from work.

Happy merry xmas everyone its just past 12am in NZ here !:D

For some reason, I don't feel like its xmas at all lol. May be cuz NZ is warm and sunny during xmas time but still I have been living in this country for 6 years and I should be used to this weather by now !

But anyways I'm just going to do a really quick post about what I got from work today 

I got a bag full of goodies from my manager & boss at work since its my last day and I will be on holidays now.

And heres what I got:

Lancome Bronzer is a tester actually but its pretty full so they must gave it to me so that I can try it out. I know that Lancome is obviously a really good brand and I have never tried fake tanning lotion or spray so I might give this one a go to get nice bronzed look for summer 

the bag that they gave it to me with all these goodies in. Really simple and sleek 

So I hope you guys liked my real quick update and I will talk to you soon. Good bye !

Random photo of the day My iPhone app makes any pictures absolute stunning !

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