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Monday, 26 December 2011


Hey lovieeees, I've been real good at updating blog these days aren't I ?? I try to update as frequently as possible cuz everyone knows that I can be the laziest chick out there in the whole entire world lol.

But anyways so..... It was a boxing day in NZ today and shops and stuff have pretty big sales here in NZ. I don't know about other countries.. Do they have big sales like NZ too ?? Buttt anyways, I woke up at 7 this morning and made sure I'm gonna be ready by 9 cuz thats when the mall opens ! It may sound crazy but seriously mall on Boxing day is like crowded by people, no car parks, and most importantly you need to get your ass to the mall A.S.A.P if you want to get what you want before others get it !

And heres what I got...;

Rubi  Shoes - Bag - $10

Diva - Ring - $14

Lippy - Feather head band - $9.90
Sunnies - $20
Lee Jeans - $149

Factorie - Top - $1 :D

These were 20% off from the original price. Mum got them for herself but I chose the David Guetta CD so thought I'd show you. I obviously not going to write down the prices for these cuz I'm sure no one would be interested to know how much the CD costed since this is a fashion/beauty blog ! Hahaha.

Had a mint breakfast during a break time from shopping ♥ It was delicioussss !

 Lastly I'm gonna finish off my post with a pic of my youngest brother - Mario 
He just started to sit down and stand up by himself but in this pic for some reason, makes him look much older ! :O Noisy boy but still a cutieeee 

Hope you guys liked my blog post ! I'm getting paid on Thursday so I'm thinking of going to MAC store in town and that means I might be doing a blog post on it :) So stay tuned ! 

Anna ♥ Bell

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