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Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Sigma Brushes, Clothing & Youtube

Hey lovieeees, hows your day going ?? My day ? Not too bad just average, working heaps, earning heaps but spending heaps and now I'm broke lol.

I placed an order from the Sigma website cuz they were offering free shipping worldwide for Black Friday. Can't remember if I have already told you guys about this in the previous post but anyways I got them a week and a half after getting an email from them that they have shipped my package.

**BE AWARE there is ridiculous amount of pictures from down below**

So.. Heres what I got from Sigma,,,

Premium Professionall Kit with Brush Roll - Black 

Synthetic Essential Kit

Sigma Pro Brush Belt - Pink

Sigma Dry'n Shape

I really like all of them so far. I haven't used to them yet just because I wanted to keep them looking clean for this haul post and a video that I filmed on YouTube. Can't say that they work amazing until I use them but I have heard many good reviews about these brushes & Dry'n Shape so hopefully I get good results out of them too ! 

I have ordered one more brush set but they forgot to send me that :O So I contacted them and I got a quick respond from Sigma saying that they will ship it ASAP and it's on it's way now so hopefully I get sometime next week ! *Fingers crossed.

2 more coming up... These are from Wild Pair which is my fav shop in here NZ.

Matiko - Lee Leopard

Mink Pink -Stud Short Denim

Loving the flats ! I have been wanting some casual flats or sandals so glad I found these ! They are quite tight on me since they are made out of real leather but of course, leathers do stretch later.

I got these short shorts and like I said its made by one of my fav brand Mink Pink. Really summery washed out ripped shorts. It's pretty heavy and I guess its because of all the studs but they looked really nice when I tried it on so I decided to get it too plus there was no more of these shorts in my size so glad I got the last one :D

Thank you very much for stopping by annabellstyle.blogspot.com 

I have now started a NEW channel on YouTube so if you like my blog you might want to check out my channel too :)
My first ever video is based on what I got which is exactly what I talked about on this post but I will be making more videos obviously on makeup, fashion and probably other random things.

Thank you again for taking your time. I'll talk to you guys  hopefully soon again 

- Anna Bell 

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