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Wednesday, 26 October 2011

My First M.A.C Brushes..!

Hey loves ♥ 

I'm in a pretty good mood ! My design work is all done and I'm totally free to do anything right now ! In fact, my M.A.C brushes has arrived today so I'm twice as happy as I was at the moment !

I purchased these last week Wednesday I think. These were shipped out from USA so that was pretty fast shipping !

The reason why I purchased these is because M.A.C brushes are so much cheaper in USA.
NZ prices are ridiculous compare to USA I was actually gonna get just #109 which is $85NZD (about $67USA) from the store but realised that I could get more brushes from USA for cheaper prices so in the end, I ended up paying around $110(shipping included) for all three brushes which saved me a lot of money !

I have been wanting #109 brush - small contour brush for a while. I heard that it gives amazing finish for foundation, also great for blush, and contouring. This is the brush I'm excited to try out the most !

#217 brush - blending brush which is a suitable brush for someone who loves smokey eyes like me 

#266 brush - angled brush which I bought for my eye brows. Heard that its an amazing brush for filling your brows with it !

I got these from this ebay seller:93rx7zoomwhich sells authentic M.A.C brushes. I know, theres some retards out there that sells FAKE M.A.C brushes which completely looks different to the real ones. But this seller is a totally trust-worthy, fast shipping, also the brushes were arrived in a pretty good packaging(two thick envelopes as a protection). I highly recommend it for those of you who lives in NZ that can not afford to get M.A.C brushes from the store for real price. I was a bit scared to purchase brushes from ebay since theres so many fakes and all that but this seller sells tons of things and has very good feedbacks from the buyers so I gave it a go & I'm glad that I did :) 

Definitely would like to make a purchase again from this seller sometime later on after seeing how much I'll like these brushes  & would like to collect more if I do !

Hope you guys liked my post today ♥ Talk to you soon. 

- Anna xox


  1. To be honest I am no fan of Mac brushes. I used to be ina mac phase and only used their brushes. In the end you are just paying for the name Mac on the brush. I have found much better drug store brands brushes for three dollars haha.

  2. Hehehhe, hello~ You are so pretty omg... >< . Maybe you should do a makeup tutorial! Hehehe, I'm following you!