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Sunday, 23 October 2011

I went shopping !

Heyy beautieees 
I went shopping yesterday with my bestie Ashleigh and went to pro mac store and bought some mac products 

I bought my first eye shadow palette from mac. I didnt want it to spend all my pay on eye shadows since it was around 30 something bucks each I just only bought the palette and this amaa---zing glitter ! ♥ 

M.A.C 3D GOLD (pro-store only)
OMG J*ZZ ♥ :O I LOVE THIS GLITTER ! I'm gonna start collecting more now.

I also bought a top from wild pair - my fav shop 
I'm in love with this brand - Evil Twin ! I like that they make edgy style clothes 

I saw this top two weeks ago and it was around $70 and I really wanted to get it with the ripped jeans I got that day but my bestie Ashleigh stopped me from getting it cuz this little top isnt worth $70 or whatever... 
I went back to town again on Saturday and wow it was on SALE and the price went down to $50 !! 
I just haaad to get it !!!

I had to also show my fav shoes too - my baby ♥ :L

I also got new eye lashes ♥ These lashes are amazing !
They are super natural yet, still gives great lengthening and I always get compliments from the customers when I'm at work !
I got told from the store lady that these are hand-made :o
Honestly these aren't like those plasticky looking lashes. They look real & super good quality !

It was $19.90. If you take care of them good they last friken ages.

Anyways, hope you guys liked my haul ! ♥ Will do a new post soon.

- Anna 

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  1. wow !!! you look rockin' :) oooo that glitter does look amazing and fun, I bet you will get your money's worth out of that for sure ;D