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Saturday, 24 September 2011

Photo Set Finishing Powder by Smashbox

Good morning, I just wanted to post that I bought a new make up yesterday 

Photo Set Finishing Powder SPF 15 By smashbox

It is translucent powder and suppose to be good for oily skin/combination skin from the reviews that I have read.

The price was pretty pricey.. It is sold for $64.00NZD at the pharmacy but since I work there I get 25% OFF everything from the store so the price gone down to $48 which is still kind of pricey for me for the amount of the product I get in the jar.

But that's not the point, if it does the job then that's all I care !

Thinking of buying this when I get my next pay.
I had a sample of this and tried it to school. I applied my make up in the morning around 7.30 as usual and usually I would be shiny within an hour. But this thing worked great as hell on my oily T-zone.

I did not have to touch up my make up for the whole day at school. I looked at the mirror just before school finished and my nose was a bit shiny but my cheeks, chin & forehead wasn't bad at all.

 nearly 8 hours of shine-free !
So much better than my ILLAMASQUA matte primer 

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