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Saturday, 24 September 2011

ASOS Slash Back Unitard

I picked this jumpsuit on Wednesday from asos.com 
Its simple yet, sleek and I think you can pull it off day & night. 
May be wear a jacket over it or something during the day if the back part is too much for you. 

From my opinion, I'm in love with the way the back look. Can't wait to get it in the post 

The front may be a bit dull looking for some people but I could always change that from wearing a chunky necklace or something or just keep it like that as a simple look.
Oh the price was pretty reasonable $45.74USD and the shipping was free world-wide.

If you have not checked this site definitely go for it. They have some amazing clothes 

I'm into classy simple dresses/clothes at the moment.  
This dress is in my current wishlist.. 

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