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Friday, 4 January 2013



Yeeeees, I know. I haven't updated my blog in hundred years. And I probably lost lots of followers too. Oh well I don't blame you guys as so many people have probably noticed that I've always been kinda slack at updating these kind of things like my YouTube channel because of being super busy at work (EXCUSE EXCUSE EXCUSE).... 
No, but seriously, your ass would be tired as hell if you work at a hair dresser as an assistant. Everyday I come home with a melted cake face and tired-ass 80years old body and it just makes me not wanna do anything :/ But you know, here I am writing this down because I feel bad for putting all these leaving behind and for people who have constantly come on my blog OR channel to see if anything has changed. 

But anyway, enough with negativity ! Its 2013 finally and I have so many things to tell about how I have changed since I lasted update my blog. My fashion taste is kind of changed, my HAIR def yes. People around me at work inspire me all.the.time and I am changing into NEW ANNA that I never thought I'd become ! 

And today I thought I'd share with you guys my recent favourite SUMMER OUTFIT as this summer in New Zealand, we have the most gorgeous weather and I am thankful for that. God Bless. 
(NZ weather is usually crap, it rains all the time + annoying as wind blowing around, double crap).

This is me chilling on the beach with my co-worker from Toni&Guy, Megan 

To be honest, I was never lay-under-the-sun-getting-tanned kinda girl. I hated looking tanned because I am naturally quite tanned so I'd always wanted to be pale but like I said before, the people who are around me are on about tanning, tanning, tanning, and tanning and it slowly effected me into liking looking nice & sun-kissed bronze. So heres me with Megan at the beach, getting BAKED, just.for.tanning for first time in my life. And I admit that maybe tanned skin looks better on me ?!

My Outfit of the Day.

This is my new Maxi Skirt that I got from Glassons the other day and I've been obsessed with this new look that I put it together with a simple white singlet with big cut-out on the sides. I wore my favourite MINK PINK lace bra under my top and I'm loving it cuz it goes well with my small-boobs and plus its very comfortable !

Here's a thing, once I was a girl that was very insecure about my boobs until I started at Tony&Guy. Why ? Because girls here got small boobs like I have too and guess what, these girls walk around with a open chested clothes and they don't even give a crap, like no body's business. I have learnt that it's all about confidence ! Since then I started not caring about not wearing bras that are padded because these lace bras are much more comfortable aaaand they look hella-cute with small boobs eeek ! 

So ladies, I hope you have enjoyed my today's blog post ♥ Thank you for reading ;)

Until next time. Chao !


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